Manufacturer Recommendations

Recommended service intervals are specific to your vehicle, but it’s wise to follow these general guidelines.

Listen, plain and simple, regular preventive maintenance is probably the single most important thing you can do as a car owner to keep your ride happy and save money on repairs in the future. Routine inspections; validate the safety and operation and can extend the life of your vehicle.

Anyone who’s ever worked on cars or spent a ton of money getting their car repaired will tell you: Don’t ignore preventive maintenance. It’s all in the basics, like changing your oil, checking your tire pressure, and getting scheduled inspections and work done are like getting regular checkups at the dentist. They keep your choppers healthy and chomping as they are meant to and give you—and the experts—a chance to catch anything serious before it becomes a major problem. With your car, that can save you thousands.


Knowledge has always been, and will always be: power. An educated customer is the best kind of customer. If you lack a general knowledge of cars or you hear a squeak and you want to familiarize yourself with a generic explanation before you come see us, or, *gasp* another garage, have a look through this general car guide. It could be worth it to you.

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